Thursday, February 22, 2018

Learning Chess

I have the chess app in my Nexus tab. I played a lot of flight games using this tab, earlier. But now I no longer play the flight games. I play chess these days.
For about six months back till a month back, I could not play well. I was very easily beaten. I gradually picked up. Now I beat the tab in Level 3 too.
Chess is now interesting. Damn tough.But interesting. I have downloaded the ebook "The Application of Chess Theory" by Y P Geller.
I also watch opening moves in Youtube.
Middle moves are difficult. End moves are OK. But delayed. Defense is poor. I like attacking. But attack do not get materialized.
I strictly play at home only. Not in office.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mathematical transforms

Yeah. That's what I am reading these days.
Extremely complicated, you may say. Yes it is beyond a common understanding. But then that is how I am leading my life.
I find it peaceful if I think in terms of equations. I believe transforms are happening in my mind plane.
I do not learn the transforms by heart. But I try to understand what the mathematicians think.
What are transforms ?
As I understand (-1)^n is 1/(2×n+1). And both express  even numbers.

Friday, February 2, 2018

More on #PythaShastri

Is #PythaShastri original ?
No, #PythaShastri is not original. All of the ideas are already talked about and written about by mathematicians. Euler, Madhava of Sangamagrama, Vacca and others.

So #PythaShastri is not original?
As written #PythaShastri isn't. However, #PythaShastri is genuine.

By genuine, I mean something like; an angle can be looked at in two ways. One will say acute. Others may say an obtuse angle. Both are right. Both the answers are genuine. And correct.

I just looked at certain things in numbers (and only numbers; not calculus; not algebra etc.) in one way and expressed them.

I believe, I have another expression for gamma inspired on the formula by Polka. However, I am not publishing the expression on Blogspot.

I think the scope for #PythaShastri is over now. These are the things that could possibly be done with numbers.

Goodbye, #PythaShastri. At least in the near future.

Monday, January 8, 2018

More on Vilvam tree

I had already talked on √2 based on vilvam /bael twig and its leaves.
The continued fraction was
[1,1,2,1,2,1,2, . . . . . . ]
It takes an expert to say that √3 is due to wind on √2 leaves.
What will happen when wind blows on a bael twig. The two leaves will make a namaste and come back to the original state.
Therefore the continued fraction of √3 is
[1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2, . . . . . .]
Hence proved.

Euler and #PythaShastri

First things first. Most of basic feelings of mathematicians are basic.
Euler talked on primes.
#PythaShastri had vision of measuring behaviour.
Euler was able to utilise primes in numbers in 3 ways. 2 for pi and 1 for Riemann zeta functions. For pi one method was - and + of primes in 1/n Riemann zeta functions.  1 point. Another was as products of primes and divided by nearest multiple of 4s. 1 point. Also he talked of 1/1- (1/P(k)). 1 point. 3 points.
#PythaShastri was able to utilise primes in 1 way. Decimal point. A sort of Riemann zeta functions. 1 point.
Euler gets  3 points and #PythaShastri 1 point.
Euler knew and expressed gamma. 1 point.
So Euler gets 4 points and #PythaShastri 1 point.
#PythaShastri did pi with own methods. 1 point.
Euler 4 points and #PythaShastri 2 points.
Differential are west-tech. They are events. Constant e.
Euler was greatest. I am reasonably ok as events methods usage.
No points to me here in differential, integral or logarithmic.
#PythaShastri has primes and combinations advantage courtesy measuring behaviour.
#PythaShastri can work on Ramanujan and Chudnovsky pi functions.
If at all I take chances. Or get a chance.
This finishes the topic.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Puzzle 2 - Rice Plate

Raghavan was a bachelor and was an interior designer. He came to Kolkata 40 years back from his village in south leaving behind ages of agricultural practice of rice growing.
Raghavan was asked by his boss to entertain six people with lunch on a Sunday. His boss told him that these six people were important and Raghavan need to serve them biryani and side dishes.
On the day of lunch, the six people arrived. Then they sat for lunch.
Where was the biryani bowl kept in the table ?